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gmx::anonymous_namespace{colvarsoptions.cpp} Namespace Reference


template<class ToType , class TransformWithFunctionType >
void colvarsMdpTransformFromString (IKeyValueTreeTransformRules *rules, TransformWithFunctionType transformationFunction, const std::string &optionTag)
 Helper to declare mdp transform rules. More...

Function Documentation

template<class ToType , class TransformWithFunctionType >
void gmx::anonymous_namespace{colvarsoptions.cpp}::colvarsMdpTransformFromString ( IKeyValueTreeTransformRules *  rules,
TransformWithFunctionType  transformationFunction,
const std::string &  optionTag 

Helper to declare mdp transform rules.

Enforces uniform mdp options that are always prepended with the correct string for the colvars mdp options.

Template Parameters
ToTypetype to be transformed to
TransformWithFunctionTypetype of transformation function to be used
[in]rulesKVT transformation rules
[in]transformationFunctionthe function to transform the flat kvt tree
[in]optionTagstring tag that describes the mdp option, appended to the default string for the density guided simulation