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signallers.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include "gromacs/compat/pointers.h"
#include "modularsimulatorinterfaces.h"
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Declares the signallers for the modular simulator.

Pascal Merz

This header is only used within the modular simulator module


class  gmx::SignallerBuilder< Signaller >
 Builder for signallers. More...
class  gmx::NeighborSearchSignaller
 Element signalling a neighbor search step. More...
class  gmx::LastStepSignaller
 Element signalling the last step. More...
class  gmx::LoggingSignaller
 Element signalling a logging step. More...
class  gmx::TrajectorySignaller
 Element signalling trajectory writing. More...
class  gmx::EnergySignaller
 Element signalling energy related special steps. More...


enum  gmx::EnergySignallerVirialMode { gmx::EnergySignallerVirialMode::Off, gmx::EnergySignallerVirialMode::OnStep, gmx::EnergySignallerVirialMode::OnStepAndNext, gmx::EnergySignallerVirialMode::Count }
 When we calculate virial. More...