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simd4.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <gtest/gtest.h>
#include "gromacs/simd/simd.h"
#include "base.h"
#include "data.h"
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Declares fixture for testing of SIMD4 functionality.

This files specializes the common base test utilities to be used for SIMD4 variables. For detailed documentation, check out the normal SIMD test classes and files.

Erik Lindahl


class  gmx::test::Simd4Test
 Test fixture for SIMD4 tests - contains test settings. More...


#define GMX_EXPECT_SIMD4_REAL_EQ(ref, tst)   EXPECT_PRED_FORMAT2(compareSimd4RealEq, ref, tst)
 Test if a SIMD4 real is bitwise identical to reference SIMD4 value.
#define GMX_EXPECT_SIMD4_REAL_NEAR(ref, tst)   EXPECT_PRED_FORMAT2(compareSimd4RealUlp, ref, tst)
 Test if a SIMD4 real is within tolerance of reference SIMD4 value.


::std::vector< realgmx::test::simd4Real2Vector (Simd4Real simd4)
 Convert SIMD4 real to std::vector<real>. More...
Simd4Real gmx::test::vector2Simd4Real (const std::vector< real > &v)
 Return floating-point SIMD4 value from std::vector<real>. More...
Simd4Real gmx::test::setSimd4RealFrom3R (real r0, real r1, real r2)
 Set SIMD4 register contents from three real values. More...
Simd4Real gmx::test::setSimd4RealFrom1R (real value)
 Set SIMD4 register contents from single real value. More...


const Simd4Real gmx::test::rSimd4_Exp
 Three large floating-point values whose exponents are >32.
const Simd4Real gmx::test::rSimd4_Bits1
 Pattern F0 repeated to fill single/double.
const Simd4Real gmx::test::rSimd4_Bits2
 Pattern CC repeated to fill single/double.
const Simd4Real gmx::test::rSimd4_Bits3
 Pattern C0 repeated to fill single/double.
const Simd4Real gmx::test::rSimd4_Bits4
 Pattern 0C repeated to fill single/double.
const Simd4Real gmx::test::rSimd4_Bits5
 Pattern FC repeated to fill single/double.
const Simd4Real gmx::test::rSimd4_Bits6
 Pattern 3C repeated to fill single/double.