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DeviceInformation Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/hardware/device_information.h>


Platform-dependent device information.

The device information is queried and set at detection and contains both information about the device/hardware returned by the runtime as well as additional data like support status.

Public Member Functions

gmx::ArrayRef< const int > supportedSubGroupSizes () const

Public Attributes

DeviceStatus status
 Device status.
int id
 ID of the device.
DeviceVendor deviceVendor
 Device vendor.
std::array< int, 10 > supportedSubGroupSizesData
 Warp/sub-group sizes supported by the device. More...
int supportedSubGroupSizesSize
gmx::GpuAwareMpiStatus gpuAwareMpiStatus

Member Data Documentation

std::array<int, 10> DeviceInformation::supportedSubGroupSizesData

Warp/sub-group sizes supported by the device.

DeviceInformation must be serializable in CUDA, so we cannot use std::vector here. Arbitrarily limiting to 10. FixedCapacityVector uses pointers internally, so no good either.

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