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Nbnxm::gpuPlistSorting Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/nbnxm/gpu_types_common.h>


Sorted pair list on GPU and data required for performing the sorting.

Public Attributes

int nscanTemporary
 size of scanTemporary, working array used for exclusive prefix sum calculation
int scanTemporaryNalloc
 allocation size of scanTemporary
DeviceBuffer< char > scanTemporary
int nsciHistogram
 number of buckets in histogram
int sciHistogramNalloc
 allocation size of sciHistogram
DeviceBuffer< int > sciHistogram
 Histogram of sci nsp.
int nsciOffset
 size of sciOffset, number of histogram buckets
int sciOffsetNalloc
 allocation size of sciOffset
DeviceBuffer< int > sciOffset
 Sci offset, the exclusive prefix sum of sciHistogram.
int nsciCounted
 size of sci, # of i clusters in the list
int sciCountedNalloc
 allocation size of sci
DeviceBuffer< int > sciCount
 list of imask counts of sorted i-cluster ("super-clusters")
int nsciSorted
 size of sci, # of i clusters in the list
int sciSortedNalloc
 allocation size of sci
DeviceBuffer< nbnxn_sci_tsciSorted
 list of sorted i-cluster ("super-clusters")

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