Gromacs  2022.2
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Nbnxm::gpu_plist Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/nbnxm/gpu_types_common.h>


GPU pair list structure.

Public Attributes

int na_c
 number of atoms per cluster
int nsci
 size of sci, # of i clusters in the list
int sci_nalloc
 allocation size of sci
DeviceBuffer< nbnxn_sci_tsci
 list of i-cluster ("super-clusters")
int ncj4
 total # of 4*j clusters
int cj4_nalloc
 allocation size of cj4
DeviceBuffer< nbnxn_cj4_tcj4
 4*j cluster list, contains j cluster number and index into the i cluster list
int nimask

of 4*j clusters * # of warps

int imask_nalloc
 allocation size of imask
DeviceBuffer< unsigned int > imask
 imask for 2 warps for each 4*j cluster group
DeviceBuffer< nbnxn_excl_texcl
 atom interaction bits
int nexcl
 count for excl
int excl_nalloc
 allocation size of excl
bool haveFreshList
 true after search, indicates that initial pruning with outer pruning is needed
int rollingPruningNumParts
 the number of parts/steps over which one cycle of rolling pruning takes places
int rollingPruningPart
 the next part to which the rolling pruning needs to be applied

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