Gromacs  2021.2
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#include <vector>
#include "gromacs/utility/basedefinitions.h"
#include "gromacs/utility/gmxmpi.h"
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Declares high-level functionality for managing assigning tasks on ranks of a node to hardware on that node, and the factory function to build the correct flavours of gmx::INodeTaskAssigner required to implement the user's requirements.

Mark Abraham


struct  gmx::GpuTaskMapping
 Specifies the GPU deviceID_ available for task_ to use. More...
class  gmx::GpuTaskAssignmentsBuilder
 Builder for the GpuTaskAssignments for all ranks on this node. More...
class  gmx::GpuTaskAssignments
 Contains the GPU task assignment for all ranks on this physical node. More...


enum  gmx::GpuTask : int { gmx::GpuTask::Nonbonded, gmx::GpuTask::Pme, gmx::GpuTask::Count }
 Types of compute tasks that can be run on a GPU. More...