Gromacs  2024.2
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testinit.h File Reference
#include <filesystem>
#include <string>
#include <gtest/gtest.h>
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Functions for initialing GROMACS unit test executables.

Teemu Murtola


void gmx::test::initTestUtils (const std::filesystem::path &dataPath, const std::filesystem::path &tempPath, bool usesMpi, bool usesHardwareDetection, bool registersDynamically, int *argc, char ***argv)
 Initializes the test utilities library. More...
void gmx::test::finalizeTestUtils (bool usesHardwareDetection, bool registersDynamically)
 Finalizes the test utilities library. More...
void gmx::test::registerTestsDynamically ()
 Declaration of function used to dynamically register GoogleTest tests. More...
template<typename TestFixture , typename TestCase , typename Combinations >
void gmx::test::registerTests (const std::string &testSuiteName, std::string(*makeBriefNameOfTestCase)(const typename::testing::TestParamInfo< typename TestFixture::ParamType > &), std::string(*makeFullNameOfTestCase)(const typename::testing::TestParamInfo< typename TestFixture::ParamType > &, const std::string &), const Combinations &combinations)
 Register tests dynamically based on the execution context. More...