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unique_cptr.h File Reference
#include <cstdlib>
#include <memory>
#include "gromacs/utility/smalloc.h"
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Declares gmx::unique_cptr and gmx::sfree_guard.

Teemu Murtola


struct  gmx::functor_wrapper< T, D >
 wrap function into functor to be used as deleter More...


template<typename T , void D = sfree_wrapper>
using gmx::unique_cptr = std::unique_ptr< T, functor_wrapper< T, D >>
 unique_ptr which takes function pointer (has to return void) as template argument
typedef unique_cptr< void > gmx::sfree_guard
 Simple guard which calls sfree. See unique_cptr for details.


template<class T >
void gmx::free_wrapper (T *p)
 Wrapper of standard library free(), to be used as unique_cptr deleter for memory allocated by malloc, e.g. by an external library such as TNG.
template<class T >
void gmx::sfree_wrapper (T *p)
 sfree wrapper to be used as unique_cptr deleter
template<typename T , typename D >
std::unique_ptr< T, D > gmx::create_unique_with_deleter (T *t, D d)
 Create unique_ptr with any deleter function or lambda.