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gmx::CheckpointHandler Class Referencefinal

#include <gromacs/mdlib/checkpointhandler.h>


Class handling the checkpoint signal.

Main rank sets the checkpointing signal periodically All ranks receive checkpointing signal and set the respective flag

Public Member Functions

 CheckpointHandler (compat::not_null< SimulationSignal * > signal, bool simulationsShareState, bool neverUpdateNeighborList, bool isMain, bool writeFinalCheckpoint, real checkpointingPeriod)
 CheckpointHandler constructor. More...
void setSignal (gmx_walltime_accounting *walltime_accounting) const
 Decides whether a checkpointing signal needs to be set. More...
void decideIfCheckpointingThisStep (bool bNS, bool bFirstStep, bool bLastStep)
 Decides whether a checkpoint shall be written at this step. More...
bool isCheckpointingStep () const
 Query decision in decideIfCheckpointingThisStep()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::CheckpointHandler::CheckpointHandler ( compat::not_null< SimulationSignal * >  signal,
bool  simulationsShareState,
bool  neverUpdateNeighborList,
bool  isMain,
bool  writeFinalCheckpoint,
real  checkpointingPeriod 

CheckpointHandler constructor.

Needs a non-null pointer to the signal which is reduced by compute_globals, and (const) references to data it needs to determine whether a signal needs to be set or handled.

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::CheckpointHandler::decideIfCheckpointingThisStep ( bool  bNS,
bool  bFirstStep,
bool  bLastStep 

Decides whether a checkpoint shall be written at this step.

Checkpointing is done if this is not the initial step, and

  • a signal has been set and the current step is a neighborlist creation step, or
  • the current step is the last step and a the simulation is writing configurations.
Change these bools to enums to make calls more self-explanatory
void gmx::CheckpointHandler::setSignal ( gmx_walltime_accounting *  walltime_accounting) const

Decides whether a checkpointing signal needs to be set.

Checkpointing signal is set based on the elapsed run time and the checkpointing interval.

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