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gmx::MrcDensityMapOfFloatReader Class Reference

#include <gromacs/fileio/mrcdensitymap.h>


Read an mrc/ccp4 file that contains float values.

Public Member Functions

 MrcDensityMapOfFloatReader (ISerializer *serializer)
 Construct from directly de-serializing data into the object. More...
ArrayRef< const float > constView () const
 Return a view on the data of the density grid.
const MrcDensityMapHeaderheader () const
 Return the header.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::MrcDensityMapOfFloatReader::MrcDensityMapOfFloatReader ( ISerializer serializer)

Construct from directly de-serializing data into the object.

InternalErrorif serializer is not reading
InternalErrorif header is inconsistent
ifserializer throws error upon failed reading
[in]serializerSerializer to read the object data from

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