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gmx::Range< typename > Class Template Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/range.h>


class gmx::Range< typename >

Defines a range of integer numbers and accompanying operations.

Defines a range of integer type with begin and end. Can be used in a range loop over all integers in the range as in:

Range<int> range(2,5); for (int i : range) { printf(" %d", i); }

This will print: 2 3 4


struct  iterator
 An iterator that loops over a range of integers. More...

Public Member Functions

 Range (const T begin, const T end)
 Constructor, has to be called with begin <= end (is checked)
 Range ()=default
 Default constructor, produces an empty range.
iterator begin () const
 Begin iterator/value.
iterator end () const
 End iterator/value.
size () const
 Returns the length of the range.
bool empty () const
 Returns whether the range is empty.
bool isInRange (const T value) const
 Returns whether value is in range.

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