Gromacs  2024.2
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options Directory Reference
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file  abstractoption.h
 Defines gmx::AbstractOption, gmx::OptionTemplate and gmx::OptionInfo.
file  basicoptions.h
 Declares option objects for basic option types.
file  filenameoption.h
 Declares gmx::FileNameOption and gmx::FileNameOptionInfo.
file  filenameoptionmanager.h
 Declares gmx::FileNameOptionManager.
file  ioptionsbehavior.h
 Declares gmx::IOptionsBehavior.
file  ioptionscontainer.h
 Declares gmx::IOptionsContainer.
file  ioptionscontainerwithsections.h
 Declares gmx::IOptionsContainerWithSections.
file  ivaluestore.h
 Declares gmx::IOptionValueStore.
file  optionfiletype.h
 Defines an enumeration type for specifying file types for options.
file  optionflags.h
 Defines flags used in option implementation.
file  options.h
 Declares gmx::Options.
file  timeunitmanager.h
 Declares gmx::TimeUnitManager.