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gmx::SimulatorStateData Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/mdrun/simulatorbuilder.h>

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Data for a specific simulation state.

Think of a better name and annoy people that forget to add documentation for their code.

Public Member Functions

 SimulatorStateData (t_state *globalState, t_state *localState, ObservablesHistory *observablesHistory, gmx_enerdata_t *enerdata, gmx_ekindata_t *ekindata)
 Build collection of current state data.
 SimulatorStateData (const SimulatorStateData &simulatorStateData)=default
 Can perform copy of current state.

Public Attributes

 Handle to global state of the simulation.
 Handle to local state of the simulation.
ObservablesHistory * observablesHistory_p
 Handle to current simulation history.
 Handle to collected data for energy groups.
gmx_ekindata_t * ekindata_p
 Handle to collected data for kinectic energy.

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