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#include <memory>
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Declares PmeGpuProgram, which wrap arounds PmeGpuProgramImpl to store permanent PME GPU context-derived data, such as (compiled) kernel handles.

Aleksei Iupinov


using PmeGpuProgramStorage = std::unique_ptr< PmeGpuProgram >
 This is an owning handle for the compiled PME GPU kernels.
using PmeGpuProgramHandle = const PmeGpuProgram *
 This is a handle for passing references to PME GPU program data. TODO: it should be a const reference, but for that the PmeGpu types need to be C++.


PmeGpuProgramStorage buildPmeGpuProgram (const gmx_device_info_t *)
 Factory function used to build persistent PME GPU program for the device at once.