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gmx::Lincs Class Reference


Data for LINCS algorithm.

Public Attributes

int ncg = 0
 The global number of constraints.
int ncg_flex = 0
 The global number of flexible constraints.
int ncg_triangle = 0
 The global number of constraints in triangles.
int nIter = 0
 The number of iterations.
int nOrder = 0
 The order of the matrix expansion.
int max_connect = 0
 The maximum number of constraints connected to a single atom.
int nc_real = 0
 The number of real constraints.
int nc = 0
 The number of constraints including padding for SIMD.
int nc_alloc = 0
 The number we allocated memory for.
int ncc = 0
 The number of constraint connections.
int ncc_alloc = 0
 The number we allocated memory for.
real matlam = 0
 The FE lambda value used for filling blc and blmf.
int * con_index = nullptr
 mapping from topology to LINCS constraints.
realbllen0 = nullptr
 The reference distance in topology A.
realddist = nullptr
 The reference distance in top B - the r.d. in top A.
int * bla = nullptr
 The atom pairs involved in the constraints.
realblc = nullptr
 1/sqrt(invmass1 invmass2).
realblc1 = nullptr
 As blc, but with all masses 1.
int * blnr = nullptr
 Index into blbnb and blmf.
int * blbnb = nullptr
 List of constraint connections.
int ntriangle = 0
 The local number of constraints in triangles.
int ncc_triangle = 0
 The number of constraint connections in triangles.
bool bCommIter = false
 Communicate before each LINCS interation.
realblmf = nullptr
 Matrix of mass factors for constraint connections.
realblmf1 = nullptr
 As blmf, but with all masses 1.
realbllen = nullptr
 The reference bond length.
int * nlocat = nullptr
 The local atom count per constraint, can be NULL.
int ntask = 0
 The number of tasks used for LINCS work. More...
std::vector< Tasktask
 LINCS thread division.
gmx_bitmask_tatf = nullptr
 Atom flags for thread parallelization.
int atf_nalloc = 0
 Allocation size of atf.
bool bTaskDep = false
 Are the LINCS tasks interdependent?
bool bTaskDepTri = false
 Are there triangle constraints that cross task borders?
realmlambda = nullptr
 The Lagrange multipliers times -1.
std::array< real, 2 > rmsdData = {{0}}
 Storage for the constraint RMS relative deviation output.
rvec * tmpv = nullptr
 Arrays for temporary storage in the LINCS algorithm.
realtmpncc = nullptr
realtmp1 = nullptr
realtmp2 = nullptr
realtmp3 = nullptr
realtmp4 = nullptr

Member Data Documentation

int gmx::Lincs::ntask = 0

The number of tasks used for LINCS work.

This is mostly used to loop over task, which would be nicer to do with range-based for loops, but the thread index is used for constructing bit masks and organizing the virial output buffer, so other things need to change, first.

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