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gmx::test::MdrunTestFixtureBase Class Reference

#include <programs/mdrun/tests/moduletest.h>

Inherits Test.


Declares test fixture base class for integration tests of mdrun functionality.

Derived fixture classes (or individual test cases) that might have specific requirements should assert that behaviour, rather than hard-code the requirements. A test that (for example) can't run with more than one thread should report that as a diagnostic, so the person running the test (or designing the test harness) can get feedback on what tests need what conditions without having to read the code of lots of tests.

Specifying the execution context (such as numbers of threads and processors) is normally sensible to specify from the test harness (i.e. when CMake/CTest/the user runs a test executable), because only there is information about the hardware available. The default values for such context provided in test fixtures for mdrun should mirror the defaults for mdrun, but currently mdrun.c hard-codes those in a gmx_hw_opt_t.

Any method in this class may throw std::bad_alloc if out of memory.

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