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gmx::test::Simd4Test Class Reference

#include <gromacs/simd/tests/simd4.h>

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Test fixture for SIMD4 tests - contains test settings.

This is a very simple test fixture that basically just takes the common SIMD/SIMD4 functionality from SimdBaseTest and creates wrapper routines specific for SIMD4 functionality.

Public Member Functions

::testing::AssertionResult compareSimd4RealUlp (const char *refExpr, const char *tstExpr, Simd4Real ref, Simd4Real tst)
 Compare two real SIMD4 variables for approximate equality. More...
::testing::AssertionResult compareSimd4RealEq (const char *refExpr, const char *tstExpr, Simd4Real ref, Simd4Real tst)
 Compare two real SIMD4 variables for exact equality. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gmx::test::SimdBaseTest
 SimdBaseTest ()
 Initialize new SIMD test fixture with default tolerances. More...
void setUlpTol (std::int64_t newTol)
 Adjust ulp tolerance from the default 10 (float) or 255 (double).
void setUlpTolSingleAccuracy (std::int64_t newTol)
 Adjust ulp tolerance for single accuracy functions.
void setAbsTol (real newTol)
 Adjust the absolute tolerance from the default 0. More...
void setRange (real low, real high)
 Change math function testing range from the default [1,10].
::testing::AssertionResult compareVectorRealUlp (const char *refExpr, const char *tstExpr, const std::vector< real > &ref, const std::vector< real > &tst)
 Compare two std::vector<real> for approximate equality. More...
template<typename T >
::testing::AssertionResult compareVectorEq (const char *refExpr, const char *tstExpr, const std::vector< T > &ref, const std::vector< T > &tst)
 Compare std::vectors for exact equality. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from gmx::test::SimdBaseTest
static int s_nPoints = 10000
 Number of test points to use, settable on command line.
- Protected Attributes inherited from gmx::test::SimdBaseTest
std::int64_t ulpTol_
 Current tolerance in units-in-last-position.
real absTol_
 Current absolute tolerance.
std::pair< real, realrange_
 Range for math function tests.

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