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GpuBondedLists Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/listed-forces/manage-threading.h>


Struct for storing lists of bonded interaction for evaluation on a GPU.

Public Member Functions

 ~GpuBondedLists ()
 Destructor, non-default needed for freeing device side buffers.

Public Attributes

HostInteractionLists iLists
 The interaction lists.
bool haveInteractions
 Tells whether there are any interaction in iLists.
t_iparams * forceparamsDevice = nullptr
 Bonded parameters for device-side use.
t_ilist iListsDevice [F_NRE]
 Interaction lists on the device.
std::vector< float,
gmx::HostAllocator< float > > 
vtot = {{}, gmx::HostAllocationPolicy(gmx::PinningPolicy::PinnedIfSupported)}
 Host-side virial buffer.
float * vtotDevice = nullptr
 Device-side total virial.
void * stream
 Bonded GPU stream.

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