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PmeGpuKernelParamsBase Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/ewald/pme-gpu-types.h>

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A single structure encompassing almost all the PME data used in GPU kernels on device. This is inherited by the GPU framework-specific structure (PmeGpuCudaKernelParams in pme.cuh). This way, most code preparing the kernel parameters can be GPU-agnostic by casting the kernel parameter data pointer to PmeGpuKernelParamsBase.

Public Attributes

struct PmeGpuConstParams constants
 Constant data that is set once.
struct PmeGpuGridParams grid
 Data dependent on the grid size/cutoff.
struct PmeGpuAtomParams atoms
 Data dependent on the DD and local atoms.
struct PmeGpuDynamicParams current
 Data that possibly changes for every new PME computation. This should be kept up-to-date by calling pme_gpu_prepare_computation(...) before launching spreading.

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