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gmx::test::TestHardwareContext Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/ewald/tests/testhardwarecontexts.h>

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A structure to describe a hardware context that persists over the lifetime of the test binary - an abstraction over PmeGpuProgram with a human-readable string.

Public Member Functions

CodePath getCodePath () const
 Retuns the code path for this context.
std::string getDescription () const
 Returns a human-readable context description line.
const gmx_device_info_tgetDeviceInfo () const
 Returns the device info pointer.
PmeGpuProgramHandle getPmeGpuProgram () const
 Returns the persistent PME GPU kernels.
 TestHardwareContext (CodePath codePath, const char *description, const gmx_device_info_t *deviceInfo)
 Constructs the context.

Public Attributes

CodePath codePath_
 Hardware path for the code being tested.
std::string description_
 Readable description.
const gmx_device_info_tdeviceInfo_
 Device information pointer.
PmeGpuProgramStorage program_
 Persistent compiled GPU kernels for PME.

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