Gromacs  2019
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Module dependency graph

The graph below shows the dependencies between the source code modules, computed from include statements in the code. For documented modules (those that do not have a gray background), clicking on the module takes you to the module documentation. Legend for the graph can be found below the graph.


The graph below annotates the colors and line styles used in the module dependency graph above. More detailed textual annotation is below the graph.

Node colors:

gray background
undocumented module
orange background
documented utility modules
red background
documented analysis modules
violet background
documented MD execution modules
light blue border
module contains public API (installed) headers

Edge colors (an edge with a certain color indicates that types above it in the list are not present):

invalid dependency
legacy dependency (dependency on undocumented file, or to undocumented directories)
solid black
public header depends on the other module
solid blue
library header depends on the other module
dashed blue
source file depends on library header in the other module
dashed black
source file depends on public header in the other module
dashed green
test file depends on the other module