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gmx::ICheckpointHelperClient Class Referenceabstract

#include <gromacs/modularsimulator/modularsimulatorinterfaces.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for gmx::ICheckpointHelperClient:


Client that needs to store data during checkpointing.

The current checkpointing helper uses the legacy t_state object to collect the data to be checkpointed. Clients get queried for their contributions using pointers to t_state objects.


Add checkpoint reading

Evolve this to a model in which the checkpoint helper passes a file pointer rather than a t_state object, and the clients are responsible to read / write.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ICheckpointHelperClient ()=default
 Standard virtual destructor.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void writeCheckpoint (t_state *localState, t_state *globalState)=0
 Write checkpoint.

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