Gromacs  2020.1
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gmx::SelectionCompiler Class Reference

#include <gromacs/selection/compiler.h>


Implements selection compilation.

This class is used to implement SelectionCollection::compile(). It prepares the selections in a selection collection for evaluation and performs some optimizations.

See Selection compilation.

Public Member Functions

 SelectionCompiler ()
 Creates a selection compiler.
void compile (SelectionCollection *coll)
 Compiles the given selection collection. More...

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::SelectionCompiler::compile ( SelectionCollection coll)

Compiles the given selection collection.

[in,out]collSelection collection to be compiled.
0 on successful compilation, a non-zero error code on error.

Before compilation, the selection collection should have been initialized with gmx_ana_selcollection_parse_*(). The compiled selection collection can be passed to gmx_ana_selcollection_evaluate() to evaluate the selection for a frame. If an error occurs, sc is cleared.

The covered fraction information in sc is initialized to CFRAC_NONE.

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