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string_view.h File Reference
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Provides C++14-compatible implementation of std::string_view.

This implementation is nearly identical to the reference implementation at commit bf5824916b6895ccab0dbc2431520ee3b6d4f27f of The code has not been linted with uncrustify so that any future updates to this active repo can be incorporated easily, and //NOLINT comments and braces around if-expressions added to suppress clang-tidy warnings. Comments referring to GMX note those places where a change has been made. The form of those changes have been made to simplify the contents, while making it easy to import any bug fixes that may appear in the source repository.

There is no Doxygen for this code, but it is intended to conform to that of std::string_view, so look in the usual C++17 documentation for std::string_view for that.

Remove when requiring C++17, which has a standardized version of std::string_view.
Paul Bauer