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anonymous_namespace{indexutil.cpp}::IndexBlockTest Class Reference

Inherits Test.

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Text fixture for index block operations.

Public Member Functions

void checkBlocka (const char *id="Block")
 Check the input group and output with refdata, with an optional id to name the refdata block.
void makeSimpleTopology ()
 Make a simple topology to check with.
void makeComplexTopology ()
 Make a complex topology to check with.
void setGroup (int count, const int atoms[])
 Set the input group for the index block operation.
template<int count>
void setGroup (const int(&atoms)[count])

Public Attributes

gmx::test::TestReferenceData data_
 Managers reference data for the tests.
gmx::test::TopologyManager topManager_
 Manages setting up a topology and matching data structures.
gmx_ana_index_t g_
 The input group to test with.
t_blocka blocka_
 The output block to test on.

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