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gmx::DensityFittingForceProvider Class Referencefinal

#include <gromacs/applied_forces/densityfitting/densityfittingforceprovider.h>

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Implements IForceProvider for density-fitting forces.

Public Member Functions

 DensityFittingForceProvider (const DensityFittingParameters &parameters, basic_mdspan< const float, dynamicExtents3D > referenceDensity, const TranslateAndScale &transformationToDensityLattice, const LocalAtomSet &localAtomSet, PbcType pbcType, double simulationTimeStep, const DensityFittingForceProviderState &state)
 Construct force provider for density fitting from its parameters.
void calculateForces (const ForceProviderInput &forceProviderInput, ForceProviderOutput *forceProviderOutput) override
 Calculate forces that maximise goodness-of-fit with a reference density map. More...
void writeCheckpointData (MdModulesWriteCheckpointData checkpointWriting, const std::string &moduleName)
 Write internal density fitting data to checkpoint file. More...

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::DensityFittingForceProvider::calculateForces ( const ForceProviderInput forceProviderInput,
ForceProviderOutput forceProviderOutput 

Calculate forces that maximise goodness-of-fit with a reference density map.

[in]forceProviderInputinput for force provider
[out]forceProviderOutputoutput for force provider

Implements gmx::IForceProvider.

void gmx::DensityFittingForceProvider::writeCheckpointData ( MdModulesWriteCheckpointData  checkpointWriting,
const std::string &  moduleName 

Write internal density fitting data to checkpoint file.

[in]checkpointWritingenables writing to the Key-Value-Tree that is used for storing the checkpoint information
[in]moduleNamenames the module that is checkpointing this force-provider
The provided state to checkpoint has to change if checkpointing is moved before the force provider call in the MD-loop.

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