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gmx::FileIOXdrSerializer Class Reference

#include <gromacs/fileio/gmxfio_xdr.h>

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Serializer to read/write XDR data.

Public Member Functions

 FileIOXdrSerializer (t_fileio *fio)
 Only create with valid file I/O handle.
bool reading () const override
 If file is open in reading mode.
void doBool (bool *value) override
 Handle bool I/O.
void doUChar (unsigned char *value) override
 Handle unsigned char I/O.
void doChar (char *value) override
 Handle char I/O.
void doUShort (unsigned short *value) override
 Handle unsigned short I/O.
void doInt (int *value) override
 Handle default integer I/O.
void doInt32 (int32_t *value) override
 Handle int32 I/O.
void doInt64 (int64_t *value) override
 Handle int64 I/O.
void doFloat (float *value) override
 Handle single precision float I/O.
void doDouble (double *value) override
 Handle double precision float I/O.
void doReal (real *value) override
 Handle GROMACS floating point number I/O.
void doIvec (ivec *value) override
 Handle I/O of integer vector of size DIM.
void doRvec (rvec *value) override
 Handle I/O of GROMACS real vector of size DIM.
void doString (std::string *value) override
 Handle I/O if string.
void doOpaque (char *data, std::size_t size) override
 Handle opaque data.
void doCharArray (char *values, int elements) override
 Special case for handling I/O of a vector of characters.
void doUCharArray (unsigned char *values, int elements) override
 Special case for handling I/O of a vector of unsigned characters.
void doRvecArray (rvec *values, int elements) override
 Special case for handling I/O of a vector of rvecs.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gmx::ISerializer
void doBoolArray (bool *values, int elements)
 Serialize arrays of values of different types.
void doUShortArray (unsigned short *values, int elements)
void doIntArray (int *values, int elements)
void doInt32Array (int32_t *values, int elements)
void doInt64Array (int64_t *values, int elements)
void doFloatArray (float *values, int elements)
void doDoubleArray (double *values, int elements)
void doRealArray (real *values, int elements)
void doIvecArray (ivec *values, int elements)

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