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gmx::ForceProviderOutput Class Reference

#include <gromacs/mdtypes/iforceprovider.h>

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Helper struct bundling the output data of a force provider.

Same as for the ForceProviderInput class, but these variables can be written as well.

Public Member Functions

 ForceProviderOutput (ForceWithVirial *forceWithVirial, gmx_enerdata_t *enerd)
 Constructor assembles all necessary force provider output data. More...

Public Attributes

 Container for force and virial.
 Structure containing energy data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::ForceProviderOutput::ForceProviderOutput ( ForceWithVirial forceWithVirial,
gmx_enerdata_t enerd 

Constructor assembles all necessary force provider output data.

[in,out]forceWithVirialContainer for force and virial
[in,out]enerdStructure containing energy data

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