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gmx::HelpWriterContext::Impl::SharedState Class Reference
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Shared, non-modifiable state for context objects.

Contents of this structure are shared between all context objects that are created from a common parent. This state should not be modified after construction.

Public Member Functions

 SharedState (TextWriter *writer, HelpOutputFormat format, const HelpLinks *links)
 Initializes the state with the given parameters.
TextTableFormatterconsoleOptionsFormatter () const
 Returns a formatter for formatting options lists for console output. More...

Public Attributes

 Writer for writing the help.
HelpOutputFormat format_
 Output format for the help output.
const HelpLinkslinks_
 Links to use.

Member Function Documentation

TextTableFormatter& gmx::HelpWriterContext::Impl::SharedState::consoleOptionsFormatter ( ) const

Returns a formatter for formatting options lists for console output.

The formatter is lazily initialized on first access.

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