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gmx::PmeForceSenderGpu Class Reference

#include <gromacs/ewald/pme_force_sender_gpu.h>


Manages sending forces from PME-only ranks to their PP ranks.


class  Impl
 Class with interfaces and data for CUDA version of PME Force sending functionality. More...

Public Member Functions

 PmeForceSenderGpu (const DeviceStream &pmeStream, MPI_Comm comm, gmx::ArrayRef< PpRanks > ppRanks)
 Creates PME GPU Force sender object. More...
void sendForceBufferAddressToPpRanks (rvec *d_f)
 Initialization of GPU PME Force sender. More...
void sendFToPpCudaDirect (int ppRank)
 Send PP data to PP rank. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::PmeForceSenderGpu::PmeForceSenderGpu ( const DeviceStream pmeStream,
MPI_Comm  comm,
gmx::ArrayRef< PpRanks ppRanks 

Creates PME GPU Force sender object.

Constructor stub.

[in]pmeStreamCUDA stream used for PME computations
[in]commCommunicator used for simulation
[in]ppRanksList of PP ranks

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::PmeForceSenderGpu::sendForceBufferAddressToPpRanks ( rvec *  d_f)

Initialization of GPU PME Force sender.

init PME-PP GPU communication stub

[in]d_fforce buffer in GPU memory
void gmx::PmeForceSenderGpu::sendFToPpCudaDirect ( int  ppRank)

Send PP data to PP rank.

[in]ppRankPP rank to receive data

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