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gmx::SelectionParserSymbolIterator Class Reference

#include <gromacs/selection/symrec.h>

Inherits iterator_interface< SelectionParserSymbolIterator, std::forward_iterator_tag, const SelectionParserSymbol >.


Forward iterator for iterating symbols of a given type.

Behaves as standard C++ forward iterator. To get an iterator, call SelectionParserSymbolTable::beginIterator(). Each time the iterator is incremented, it moves to the next symbol of the type given when the iterator was created. When there are no more symbols, the iterator will equal SelectionParserSymbolTable::endIterator(). It is not allowed to dereference or increment an iterator that has reached the end.

Construction and assignment may throw std::bad_alloc if out of memory. Other methods do not throw.

See Also


class  Impl
 Private implementation class for SelectionParserSymbolIterator. More...

Public Member Functions

 SelectionParserSymbolIterator (const SelectionParserSymbolIterator &other)
 Creates an independent copy of an iterator.
SelectionParserSymbolIteratoroperator= (const SelectionParserSymbolIterator &other)
 Creates an independent copy of an iterator.
bool operator== (const SelectionParserSymbolIterator &other) const
 Equality comparison for iterators.
reference operator* () const
 Dereferences the iterator.
SelectionParserSymbolIteratoroperator++ ()
 Moves the iterator to the next symbol.


class SelectionParserSymbolTable
 Needed to access the constructor.

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