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gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpwriter.cpp}::OptionsFilter Class Reference
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Output format independent processing of options.

Together with code in CommandLineHelpWriter::writeHelp(), this class implements the common logic for writing out the help. An object implementing the IOptionsFormatter must be provided to the constructor, and does the actual formatting that is specific to the output format.

Public Types

enum  FilterType { eSelectInputFileOptions, eSelectInputOutputFileOptions, eSelectOutputFileOptions, eSelectOtherOptions }
 Specifies the type of output that formatSelected() produces.

Public Member Functions

 OptionsFilter ()
 Creates a new filtering object. More...
void setShowHidden (bool bShowHidden)
 Sets whether hidden options will be shown.
void formatSelected (FilterType type, IOptionsFormatter *formatter, const Options &options)
 Formats selected options using the formatter.
void visitSection (const OptionSectionInfo &section) override
 Called for each section.
void visitOption (const OptionInfo &option) override
 Called for each option.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpwriter.cpp}::OptionsFilter::OptionsFilter ( )

Creates a new filtering object.

Does not throw.

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