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gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlineprogramcontext.cpp}::DefaultExecutableEnvironment Class Reference
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Default implementation for IExecutableEnvironment.

Used if IExecutableEnvironment is not explicitly provided when constructing CommandLineProgramContext.

Public Member Functions

std::string getWorkingDirectory () const override
 Returns the working directory when the program was launched.
std::vector< std::string > getExecutablePaths () const override
 Returns list of paths where executables are searched for. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ExecutableEnvironmentPointer create ()
 Allocates a default environment.

Member Function Documentation

std::vector<std::string> gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlineprogramcontext.cpp}::DefaultExecutableEnvironment::getExecutablePaths ( ) const

Returns list of paths where executables are searched for.

The returned list should be in priority order. An empty string in the returned list corresponds to getWorkindDirectory().

Implements gmx::IExecutableEnvironment.

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