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tests Directory Reference
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Unit tests for Low-Level Utilities (utility).


file  alignedallocator.cpp
 Tests for gmx::AlignedAllocator and gmx::PageAlignedAllocator.
file  alignedallocator_impl.h
 Tests for allocators that offer a minimum alignment.
file  arrayref.cpp
 Tests for gmx::ArrayRef.
file  bitmask.h
 Tests for bitmask functionality.
file  bitmask128.cpp
file  bitmask32.cpp
file  bitmask64.cpp
file  cstringutil.cpp
 Tests for C-style string utility functions.
file  defaultinitializationallocator.cpp
 Tests for gmx::DefaultInitializationAllocator used in std::vector.
file  enumerationhelpers.cpp
 Tests for enumeration helpers.
file  fixedcapacityvector.cpp
 Tests for gmx::FixedCapacityVector.
file  inmemoryserializer.cpp
 Tests for gmx::InMemorySerializer and InMemoryDeserializer.
file  keyvaluetreeserializer.cpp
file  keyvaluetreetransform.cpp
file  listoflists.cpp
 Tests for the ListOfLists class.
file  logger.cpp
file  mdmodulenotification-impl.cpp
 Tests MdModuleNotification.
file  mutex.cpp
 Tests for gmx::Mutex.
file  path.cpp
 Tests for (some) functions in path.h.
file  physicalnodecommunicator.cpp
file  physicalnodecommunicator_mpi.cpp
file  range.cpp
 Tests for the Range class.
file  strconvert.cpp
 Tests routines in strconvert.h.
file  stringutil.cpp
 Tests for string utility functions and classes.
file  template_mp.cpp
file  textreader.cpp
 Tests for gmx::TextReader.
file  textwriter.cpp
 Tests for gmx::TextWriter.
file  typetraits.cpp