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SearchCycleCounting Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/nbnxm/pairsearch.h>

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Struct for collecting detailed cycle counts for the search.

Public Member Functions

void start (const int enbsCC)
 Start a pair search cycle counter.
void stop (const int enbsCC)
 Stop a pair search cycle counter.
void printCycles (FILE *fp, gmx::ArrayRef< const PairsearchWork > work) const
 Print the cycle counts to fp.

Public Attributes

bool recordCycles_ = false
 Tells whether we record cycles.
int searchCount_ = 0
 The number of times pairsearching has been performed, local+non-local count as 1.
nbnxn_cycle_t cc_ [enbsCCnr]
 The set of cycle counters.

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