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gmx::HardwareTopology::Machine Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/hardware/hardwaretopology.h>

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Hardware topology information about the entire machine.

The machine structure is a tree with top-down information about all sockets, cores, and hardware threads in the system. For example, an operating system logical processor index can be found as machine.socket[0].core[1].hwthread[2].logicalProcessorId. In some cases you might need the opposite lookup, i.e. the physical hardware data for a specific logical processor. This is present in the logicalProcessor vector for convenience.

The logicalProcessor vector will only have non-zero length if the support level is SupportLevel::Basic or higher. You cannot use the size of this vector to query the number of logical processors on lower support levels.

Public Attributes

int logicalProcessorCount
 Number of logical processors in system.
std::vector< LogicalProcessorlogicalProcessors
 Map logical processors to socket/core.
std::vector< Socketsockets
 All the sockets in the system.
std::vector< Cachecaches
 Caches in increasing level order.
Numa numa
 Structure with all numa information.
std::vector< Devicedevices
 Devices on PCI bus.

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