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gmx_domdec_specat_comm_t Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/domdec/domdec_specatomcomm.h>

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Struct with setup and buffers for special atom communication.

Public Attributes

int nreq [3][2][2] = { { { 0 } } }
 The nr. More...
gmx_specatsend_t spas [3][2]
 The communication setup per DIM, direction.
std::vector< bool > sendAtom
 Work buffer that tells if spec.atoms should be sent.
std::vector< int > ibuf
 Integer send buffer.
std::vector< gmx::RVecvbuf
 rvec send buffer
std::vector< gmx::RVecvbuf2
 rvec send buffer
int at_start
 Start index of received atoms.
int at_end
 End index of received atoms.

Member Data Documentation

int gmx_domdec_specat_comm_t::nreq[3][2][2] = { { { 0 } } }

The nr.

of atoms requested, per DIM, direction and direct/indirect

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