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gmx_enerdata_t Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/mdtypes/enerdata.h>

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Struct for accumulating all potential energy terms and some kinetic energy terms.

Public Member Functions

 gmx_enerdata_t (int numEnergyGroups, int numFepLambdas)
 Constructor with specific number of energy groups and lambdas. More...

Public Attributes

std::array< real, F_NRE > term = { 0 }
 The energies for all different interaction types.
struct gmx_grppairener_t grpp
 Energy group pair non-bonded energies.
< FreeEnergyPerturbationCouplingType,
double > 
dvdl_lin = { 0 }
 Contributions to dV/dlambda with linear dependence on lambda.
< FreeEnergyPerturbationCouplingType,
double > 
dvdl_nonlin = { 0 }
 Contributions to dV/dlambda with non-linear dependence on lambda.
ForeignLambdaTerms foreignLambdaTerms
 Foreign lambda energies and dH/dl.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx_enerdata_t::gmx_enerdata_t ( int  numEnergyGroups,
int  numFepLambdas 

Constructor with specific number of energy groups and lambdas.

[in]numEnergyGroupsNumber of energy groups used.
[in]numFepLambdasNumber of free energy lambdas, zero if none.

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