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gmx::AnalysisDataFrameLocalDataHandle< ValueType > Class Template Reference

#include <gromacs/analysisdata/framelocaldata.h>


template<typename ValueType>
class gmx::AnalysisDataFrameLocalDataHandle< ValueType >

Handle to a single frame data within frame-local data array.

Methods in this class do not throw.

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< ValueType > ValueArray
 Shorthand for the internal array of values.
< ValueType > 
 Shorthand for a handle to a single data set.

Public Member Functions

 AnalysisDataFrameLocalDataHandle (const std::vector< int > *dataSetIndices, ValueArray *values)
 Constructs a handle from specified frame data.
int dataSetCount () const
 Returns the number of data sets in the array.
void clear ()
 Clears all values in the frame.
DataSetHandle dataSet (int dataSet)
 Returns a handle for a single data set.
ValueType & value (int dataSet, int column)
 Accesses a single value in the frame.

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