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gmx::HelpManager::Impl Class Reference
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Private implementation class for HelpManager.

Public Types

typedef std::vector< const
IHelpTopic * > 
 Container type for keeping the stack of active topics.

Public Member Functions

 Impl (const HelpWriterContext &context)
 Initializes a new manager with the given context.
bool isAtRootTopic () const
 Whether the active topic is the root topic.
const IHelpTopiccurrentTopic () const
 Returns the active topic.
std::string currentTopicAsString () const
 Formats the active topic as a string, including its parent topics.

Public Attributes

const HelpWriterContextrootContext_
 Context with which the manager was initialized.
TopicStack topicStack_
 Stack of active topics. More...

Member Data Documentation

TopicStack gmx::HelpManager::Impl::topicStack_

Stack of active topics.

The first item is always the root topic, and each item is a subtopic of the preceding item. The last item is the currently active topic.

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