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gmx::IOptionValueStore< T > Class Template Referenceabstract

#include <gromacs/options/ivaluestore.h>

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template<typename T>
class gmx::IOptionValueStore< T >

Represents the final storage location of option values.

Try to make this more like a write-only interface, getting rid of the need to access the stored values through this interface. That would simplify things.

Public Member Functions

virtual int valueCount ()=0
 Returns the number of values stored so far.
virtual ArrayRef< T > values ()=0
 Returns a reference to the actual values.
virtual void clear ()=0
 Removes all stored values.
virtual void reserve (size_t count)=0
 Reserves memory for additional count entries.
virtual void append (const T &value)=0
 Appends a value to the store.

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