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gmx::OptionsAssigner::Impl Class Reference
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Private implementation class for OptionsAssigner.

Public Types

typedef internal::OptionSectionImpl Section
 Shorthand for the internal type used to represent a section.

Public Member Functions

 Impl (Options *options)
 Sets the option object to assign to.
bool inSection () const
 Returns true if a subsection has been set.
SectioncurrentSection () const
 Returns the Options object for the current section.
AbstractOptionStoragefindOption (const char *name)
 Finds an option by the given name. More...

Public Attributes

 Options object to assign to.
bool bAcceptBooleanNoPrefix_
 Recognize boolean option "name" also as "noname".
std::vector< Section * > sectionStack_
 List of (sub)sections being assigned to. More...
 Current option being assigned to, or NULL if none.
int currentValueCount_
 Number of values assigned so far to the current option. More...
bool reverseBoolean_
 If true, a "no" prefix was given for the current boolean option.

Member Function Documentation

AbstractOptionStorage * gmx::OptionsAssigner::Impl::findOption ( const char *  name)

Finds an option by the given name.

[in]nameName of the option to look for.
Pointer to the found option, or NULL if none found.

This function takes into account the flags specified, and may change the internal state of the assigner to match the option found. If no option is found, the internal state is not modified.

Member Data Documentation

int gmx::OptionsAssigner::Impl::currentValueCount_

Number of values assigned so far to the current option.

Counts the number of attempted assignments, whether they have been successful or not.

std::vector<Section*> gmx::OptionsAssigner::Impl::sectionStack_

List of (sub)sections being assigned to.

The first element always points to options_.

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