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gmx::PositionCalculationCollection::Impl Class Reference
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Private implementation class for PositionCalculationCollection.

Public Member Functions

void insertCalculation (gmx_ana_poscalc_t *pc, gmx_ana_poscalc_t *before)
 Inserts a position calculation structure into its collection. More...
void removeCalculation (gmx_ana_poscalc_t *pc)
 Removes a position calculation structure from its collection. More...
gmx_ana_poscalc_tcreateCalculation (e_poscalc_t type, int flags)
 Creates a new position calculation. More...
ArrayRef< const int > getFrameIndices (int size, int index[])
 Maps given topology indices into frame indices. More...

Public Attributes

const gmx_mtop_t * top_
 Topology data. More...
 Pointer to the first data structure.
 Pointer to the last data structure.
bool bInit_
 Whether the collection has been initialized for evaluation.
std::vector< int > mapToFrameAtoms_
 Mapping from topology atoms to frame atoms (one index for each topology atom).
std::vector< int > tmpFrameAtoms_
 Working array for updating positions.

Member Function Documentation

gmx_ana_poscalc_t * gmx::PositionCalculationCollection::Impl::createCalculation ( e_poscalc_t  type,
int  flags 

Creates a new position calculation.

[in]typeType of calculation.
[in]flagsFlags for setting calculation options (see documentation of the flags).

Does not throw currently, but may throw std::bad_alloc in the future.

This method contains the actual implementation of the similarly named method in the parent class.

ArrayRef<const int> gmx::PositionCalculationCollection::Impl::getFrameIndices ( int  size,
int  index[] 

Maps given topology indices into frame indices.

Only one position calculation at a time needs to access this (and there are also other thread-unsafe constructs here), so a temporary array is used to avoid repeated memory allocation.

void gmx::PositionCalculationCollection::Impl::insertCalculation ( gmx_ana_poscalc_t pc,
gmx_ana_poscalc_t before 

Inserts a position calculation structure into its collection.

pcData structure to insert.
beforeData structure before which to insert (NULL = insert at end).

Inserts pc to its collection before before. If before is NULL, pc is appended to the list.

void gmx::PositionCalculationCollection::Impl::removeCalculation ( gmx_ana_poscalc_t pc)

Removes a position calculation structure from its collection.

pcData structure to remove.

Removes pc from its collection.

Member Data Documentation

const gmx_mtop_t* gmx::PositionCalculationCollection::Impl::top_

Topology data.

Can be NULL if none of the calculations require topology data or if setTopology() has not been called.

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