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gmx::RepeatingOptionSection< T > Class Template Reference

#include <gromacs/options/repeatingsection.h>

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template<class T>
class gmx::RepeatingOptionSection< T >

Declares an option section that creates a structure for each instance.

Template Parameters
TStructure that stores the values for an instance of the section.

This class declares a section that can be specified multiple times, and creates an instance of T for each instance. Options within the section can store their values in the created structure.

Public Types

< T > 
 AbstractOptionSectionHandle corresponding to this option type.

Public Member Functions

 RepeatingOptionSection (const char *name)
 Creates a section with the given name.
RepeatingOptionSectionstoreVector (std::vector< T > *values)
 Specifies a vector to receive the section structures.


class RepeatingOptionSectionStorage< T >
 Allows accessing the properties when initializing the storage.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from gmx::AbstractOptionSection
 AbstractOptionSection (const char *name)
 Initializes option properties with the given name. More...

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