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gmx::SelectionEvaluator Class Reference

#include <gromacs/selection/selectioncollection_impl.h>


Implements selection evaluation.

This class is used to implement SelectionCollection::evaluate() and SelectionCollection::evaluateFinal().

Public Member Functions

void evaluate (SelectionCollection *sc, t_trxframe *fr, t_pbc *pbc)
 Evaluates selections in a collection. More...
void evaluateFinal (SelectionCollection *sc, int nframes)
 Evaluates the final state for dynamic selections. More...

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::SelectionEvaluator::evaluate ( SelectionCollection coll,
t_trxframe *  fr,
t_pbc pbc 

Evaluates selections in a collection.

[in,out]collThe selection collection to evaluate.
[in]frFrame for which the evaluation should be carried out.
[in]pbcPBC data, or NULL if no PBC should be used.
0 on successful evaluation, a non-zero error code on error.

This functions sets the global variables for topology, frame and PBC, clears some information in the selection to initialize the evaluation for a new frame, and evaluates sel and all the selections pointed by the next pointers of sel.

This is the only function that user code should call if they want to evaluate a selection for a new frame.

void gmx::SelectionEvaluator::evaluateFinal ( SelectionCollection coll,
int  nframes 

Evaluates the final state for dynamic selections.

[in,out]collThe selection collection to evaluate.
[in]nframesTotal number of frames.

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