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#include <gromacs/selection/selectionfileoption.h>

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Specifies a special option that provides selections from a file.

This option is used internally by the command-line framework to implement file input for selections. The option takes a file name, and reads it in using SelectionOptionManager::parseRequestedFromFile(). This means that selections from the file are assigned to selection options that have been explicitly provided without values earlier on the command line.

Public methods in this class do not throw.

Public Types

typedef SelectionFileOptionInfo InfoType
 OptionInfo subclass corresponding to this option type.

Public Member Functions

 SelectionFileOption (const char *name)
 Initializes an option with the given name.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from gmx::AbstractOption
 AbstractOption (const char *name)
 Initializes the name and default values for an option.
void setDescription (const char *descr)
 Sets the description for the option.
void setStoreIsSet (bool *store)
 Sets the storage location for whether the option is set.
void setFlag (OptionFlag flag)
 Sets a flag for the option.
void clearFlag (OptionFlag flag)
 Clears a flag for the option.
void setFlag (OptionFlag flag, bool bSet)
 Sets or clears a flag for the option.
bool isVector () const
 Returns true if the option is vector-valued.
void setVector ()
 Sets the option to be vector-valued. More...
void setValueCount (int count)
 Sets the required number of values for the option.
- Protected Attributes inherited from gmx::AbstractOption
int minValueCount_
 Minimum number of values required for the option.
int maxValueCount_
 Maximum number of values allowed for the option.

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