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gmx::Simd4FBool Class Reference

#include <gromacs/simd/include/gromacs/simd/impl_reference/impl_reference_simd4_float.h>


SIMD4 variable type to use for logical comparisons on floats.

Available if GMX_SIMD4_HAVE_FLOAT is 1.

This variable cannot be placed inside other structures or classes, since some compilers (including at least clang-3.7) appear to lose the alignment. This is likely particularly severe when allocating such memory on the heap, but it occurs for stack structures too.

Public Member Functions

 Simd4FBool (bool b)
 Construct from scalar bool.

Public Attributes

std::array< bool, GMX_SIMD4_WIDTHsimdInternal_
 Internal SIMD data. Implementation dependent, don't touch. More...

Member Data Documentation

std::array<bool, GMX_SIMD4_WIDTH> gmx::Simd4FBool::simdInternal_

Internal SIMD data. Implementation dependent, don't touch.

This has to be public to enable usage in combination with static inline functions, but it should never, EVER, be accessed by any code outside the corresponding implementation directory since the type will depend on the architecture.

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