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gmx::TrajectoryAnalysisModuleData::Impl Class Reference
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Private implementation class for TrajectoryAnalysisModuleData.

Public Types

typedef std::map< const
*, AnalysisDataHandle
 Container that associates a data handle to its AnalysisData object.

Public Member Functions

 Impl (TrajectoryAnalysisModule *module, const AnalysisDataParallelOptions &opt, const SelectionCollection &selections)
 Initializes thread-local storage for data handles and selections. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isInitialized (const AnalysisData &data)
 Checks whether the given AnalysisData has been initialized.

Public Attributes

HandleContainer handles_
 Keeps a data handle for each AnalysisData object.
const SelectionCollectionselections_
 Stores thread-local selections.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::TrajectoryAnalysisModuleData::Impl::Impl ( TrajectoryAnalysisModule module,
const AnalysisDataParallelOptions opt,
const SelectionCollection selections 

Initializes thread-local storage for data handles and selections.

[in]moduleAnalysis module to use for data objects.
[in]optData parallelization options.
[in]selectionsThread-local selection collection.
std::bad_allocif out of memory.
unspecifiedCan throw any exception thrown by AnalysisData::startData().

Calls AnalysisData::startData() on all data objects registered with TrajectoryAnalysisModule::registerAnalysisDataset() in module. The handles are accessible through dataHandle().

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