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gmx::anonymous_namespace{colvarsMDModule_stub.cpp}::ColvarsOptions Class Referencefinal
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Colvars Options.

Stub Implementation in case Colvars library is not compiled

Public Member Functions

void initMdpTransform (IKeyValueTreeTransformRules *) override
 Initializes a transform from mdp values to sectioned options. More...
void buildMdpOutput (KeyValueTreeObjectBuilder *builder) const override
 Create Colvars mdp output even if Colvars is not compiled. This is to be consistent with the case where Colvars is compiled but not activated.
void initMdpOptions (IOptionsContainerWithSections *) override
 Initializes options that declare input (mdp) parameters for this module.

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::anonymous_namespace{colvarsMDModule_stub.cpp}::ColvarsOptions::initMdpTransform ( IKeyValueTreeTransformRules transform)

Initializes a transform from mdp values to sectioned options.

The transform is specified from a flat KeyValueTreeObject that contains each mdp value as a property, to a structured key-value tree that should match the options defined in initMdpOptions().

This method may be removed once the flat mdp file is replaced with a more structure input file (that can be directly read into the internal key-value tree), and there is no longer any need for backward compatibility with old files.

Implements gmx::IMdpOptionProvider.

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